Jun 12, 2012

VIDEO: Madonna Flashes Nipple at Istanbul Concert!

Pop icon Madonna exposed her breast showing her nipples in a recent concert in Istanbul, Turkey last Saturday. Madonna, who is already 53 years old surprised the crowd with a breast exposure in the middel of her performance of Human Nature.

Madonna Nipple

Madonna's "surprised treat" made the fans go wild. Her stripteasing on stage was well-received by about 55, 000 people who watched her 'Nipplegate II' concert. She also had the word "No Fear" temporarily tattooed  on her back, a loud statement after her daring spectacle.

After pulling the right cap of her bra and showing off her breast and nipples, Madonna put her hand down her pants then sung her megahit, Like A Virgin to the delight of roaring fans.

Watch Madonna as she flashes and shows her breast and nipples in the video below (nipple show at around 2:52) Warning: NSFW


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