Apr 28, 2012

PBB Teens 4 Scandal: Kit Thompson is actually 19 years old, not 15!

Kit Thompson PBBPBB Teen Edition 4 housemate, Kit Thompson, the Kid Tangkad from Pampanga, is actually 18 19 years old, and not 15 as claimed on the show. Many are skeptical on Kit’s real age because of his physical attributes (esp. body hair), which was too much for a 15 year old. Sounds funny but true. This was disclosed to us from a reliable source who knows the family personally.

Remember that the age limit for PBB Teens is only until 17 years old. PBB has also a NO MANAGER rule but most of the housemates, including those from previous editions of the show, have managers. Even Slater has one even before he entered, same management as Sam Milby.

Hmmm, what do you guys of PBB allowing this?  They have been  violating their own rules. Are they doing this just for the sake of ratings? Leave your thoughts below.

Note: PBB Unlimited 2nd Placer Pamu is 19 years old.

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