Feb 3, 2012

Oyo Sotto & Kristine Hermosa share more photos of Baby Ondrea Bliss!

Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa are only sharing teaser pictures of their baby girl, Ondrea Bliss.

Kristine Hermosa gave birth to Baby Ondrea Bliss last December 26 and since then, a lot of people have been so much excited to see how the baby looks like.

Baby Ondrea is now 1 month, 8 days old but her parents so far have only shared these teaser photos of her via Twitter.



The photos actually excite the fans even more as they crave for more photos of Baby Ondrea Bliss, who already looks so beautiful even when
her whole face isn't shown in the pics.

Probably, Kristine and Oyo will reveal more photos of Baby Ondrea exclusively to a celebrity mag, just like their wedding pics last year
which were published exclusively on StarStudio Magazine.

Philippine Daily Inquirer however has already published the first photo of the baby's whole face last January 5.


According to Inquirer, Baby Ondrea is a brown-eyed, light-skinned and thick-haired baby.

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