Jun 27, 2015

LIVE STREAM: PBB 737 24/7 - Pinoy Big Brother

Catch the Free 24/7 Live Streaming of Pinoy Big Brother 737 and see what your favorite housemates are doing!

Watch the live stream for free below:

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May 15, 2015

VIRAL: Two Japanese Girls Blow a Cockroach To Each Other's Mouth! - Japanese Game Show Video

Japanese Blow Cockroach Game Show


Japan is well-known for its bizaareness. And gameshows are no exceptions! This week, a viral video from an episode of AKBingo! has spread in social media. 

In one challenge, two contestants aim is to blow really hard to send a cockroach to the opponent’s mouth via a clear pipe!

See what happen’s as one contestant have an unexpected snack at the end of the challenge.

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VIDEO: Young JV Naked Scandal

Young JV naked nude video scandal

Kapamilya star, Young JV’s naked video scandal leaked and surfaced online June 2014. The young singer never denied that it was him on the video, He claimed that it was taken while video chatting with his ex girlfriend and never expected it to leak.

Watch the video on this link
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VIDEO: Asia's Got Talent 2015 Opening Act - Finalists

The remaining Finalists came together for a super performance for Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Grand Finals!

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VIDEO: El Gamma Penumbra wins Asia's Got Talent 2015 - Winner Announcement

Watch as the first ever Grand Winner of Asia’s Got Talent is announced. It’s “El Gamma Penumbra” from the Philippines!

Are you happy with the results? We are! Share your thoughts below!

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VIDEO: Gwyneth Dorado - Titanium - Grand Final Performance - Asia's Got Talent 2015

Filipino teen contestant, Gwyneth Dorado, belts out Titanium for her Grand Final Performance at Asia’s Got Talent 2015. This reminded us of X-Factor Australia’s Marlisa Punzalan!

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VIDEO: Junior New System - Grand Finals Performance - Asia's Got Talent 2015

Filipino dance troupe Junior New System’s incredible Grand Finale performance for Asia’s Got Talent 2015.

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VIDEO: Charice and David Foster - Lay Me Down - Asia's Got Talent 2015 Grand Finals

The Filipino pride Charice with his Mentor, and judge, David Foster, do a special cover of Sam Smith’s "Lay Me Down" on Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Grand Finals.

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VIDEO: Gerphil Flores - Impossible Dream - Grand Final Performance - Asia's Got Talent

Watch the Philippines’ Gerphil Flores sing a powerful rendition of “Impossible Dream” for Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Grand Finals.

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